Interview with Jason Crosson from CROSSON

Interview with Jason Crosson from CROSSON
We Will Rock You. What is rock for you?

Once you’ve been stung by the Rock N Roll Disease, you are infected for life. It’s a passion , a celebration and it’s what we live and breathe. Music unites people from all walks of life and some of my longest friendships have made through just liking the same bands. It’s the disease thats makes us buy that CD, T shirt or concert ticket, stream that song etc. Even after all these years I can’t wait for my KISS T shirt that I ordered online to arrive or that new Def Leppard or Scorpions single to drop

Never Give Up. Don't you never give up?

As the lyrics say” The path to glory is is not that far away. If you quit, you never win. Never Give Up , Never Give In” .
Everyone who has had any success will tell you the same thing. You just got to keep persevering throughout the hard times. When you hit a wall, what dop you do? You can turn away and go back to where you came with your tail between your legs or you can find a way over, around or through that wall.
Life is full of obstacles, which as the great philosophers will say are “just as opportunities in disguise.”
I Wanna Be Japanese. Have you ever been in Japan?
I always wanted to visit to Japan and was fortunate enough to get there in 2014 and met some amazing people…... and the food!! . We also shot our video ‘I Wanna Be Japanese’ in the streets of Shinjuku in Tokyo and received some very strange stares.
We All Need An Enemy. Why is so? Do they make us better people?
This song has a double pronged meaning. Although the song is an entertaining crowd favourite with the girls coming out in their army uniforms, its probably the most political song in our catalogue signifying the reality of why most countries go to war. The opening lines sum it up “ You fill your coffers but to justify you call it war. Make us believe that’s its freedom that we’re fighting for”
Lets face it, war it not about freedom. Its about money and power.
The other meaning is, let’s say for example you are fighting with your partner. If a third party does bad to you both, you and your partner are no longer fighting each other as your energies are now focused on the 3rd party.

Weak At The Knees (For A Hot Brunette !). What is the role of women in your life?
Obviously, this is a fun song, but so true to me! You like what you like right??
People hear a song like this and think I am misogynistic however, as I am around women all day (work, sport, performing) I know my boundaries on what to say to remain respectful and try not to cross that line. I also have an amazing wife who has done a great job raising our kids.
Money Money Money. Is there any money today, in an economic crisis period?
Think abundant, work hard and smart and you will be abundant. Just remember the above above, Never Give Up. Think scarce and you will never have enough. There is plenty to go around. Just go out and make it but be sure have a plan in place. ‘Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail’
Would you like to tell us a few things about your new album?
We have literary just finished recording a new album which is currently being mixed in the USA by Duane Baron. The album will be titled ‘Ready Aim Rock’ and will be released towards mid – late 2022. This will definitely be the best CROSSON album to date. It will still contain the catchy rock anthems that we are known for but for this alum on some of the tunes I have dug deep into my admiration for Jim Steinman ( writer for Meatloaf / Bonnie Tyler) so some tunes will be quite epic.
A Live album is a challenging thing. How do you handle it?
To be honest, I found the live album easier and less time consuming than a studio album. With a studio album, it’s a year of writing and demoing, then heading in then the studio, recording it for months, then organizing video shoots, photo shoots etc.
With the live album, we just went out and did what we do and made sure we had a good stage set up and 6 cameras. Recording from the desk onto a hard drive was stressful as you only get one shot and if that didn’t work, we were screwed and there wouldn’t have been a live album / concert video. Fortunately, it all went smoothly. Full credit to Lord Tim for an amazing editing job.
You are very theatrical in your expression. Have you studied it?
I actually did quite a bit of musical theatre and some film work in the past and have studied screen acting, however my stage performance I would have to say has come together more-so by watching the greats like Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Steve Tyler etc and taking a little bit of all of them and mixing it with my own personality and experience . Ozzy Osbourne said that when he goes on stage, his objective is to get the crowd absolutely crazy and I try to go by that motto. Give the crowd everything you’ve got and leave them wanting more.

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