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What is the response of the «hole» to date? What do you learn from the public and the press?
Hole is the actual single. I am very happy about the response so far. Concerning the album Journey I am even more happy. Reviews have been very good and I am very thankful that people all over the world are listening to my Music.

Is this album a quarantine kid? When did you start composing and when did you record?
Covid has limited us all, but it has also brought new possibilities and opened new doors. Overall, it has been one of the most productive times in my life. I started writing Journey in the middle of the pandemic, right after finishing my first album Metamorphosis, which was released in June 2021. I never felt in quarantine because we didn't have such harsh measures here in Liechtenstein as in some other countries. All in all we went through very easy…

Would you say it is your most multi-layered job? Until next maybe?
Musically speaking yes. Actually, Black Reuss is a one man show. It is produced like a band, but its only me. I write everything, produce everything, play all instruments (beside the drums). So yes, its very multi layered. 

What is your favorite phrase?
I don’t have one…sorry.

In essence, what is your musical identity? How do you get inspired to compose? Do you prefer calm or jamming and keeping whatever interests you?
I have been influenced by many artists. My musical horizon is very broad. I listen to everything from classical to jazz, from alternative rock to metal, from doom to stoner rock...from electronica to urban. But rock is my thing. That's the music that touches me the most. Something just happens there. But there are also artists who are not only great musicians but also great people. When someone is very authentic and lives what they do, it's very inspiring and you can hear that in the music. I find many things inspiring. Not only music, but also other things. There are many people or events that have inspired me. Even a lot of things in the nature is inspiring. For Black Reuss, lifecycle has a big influence. The current project consists of four albums. Metamorphosis, Journey, Arrival and Death. This is my life flow and the four milestones each packaged as an album. The first three are retrospective, the last one will have to be projective. So for the Lyrics, I have clear Ideas for all of the four album. Musically It usually starts with a riff, a melody or some interesting chord changes. When I compose, it is very spontaneous. One thing leads into another. That's how I usually work.

For live performances, do you have anything to announce to us?
I don't have a band to play live at the moment and I don't plan to in the near future. At the moment I'm concentrating on writing and creating. Playing live turns me on a lot, but it has to be the right time and setting. If I feel that there are really people out there who want to see Black Reuss live, then I will do it.

«Journey» tell us about your songs, on the occasion of this release
In terms of the second album, this is how I experienced the journey. At some point, when the transformation is far advanced, you have enough strength to go on the journey. The whole thing starts with Exodus, that's the outbreak. Then comes Dejection where you realise that a lot of things are routine, but the pressure of suffering is not enough to continue working on you. Egression is the realisation that mistakes, and setbacks are okay, and that you can also draw new energy from them. With Hole I address the fact that much of life is simply material rubbish and that it doesn't matter. With Fail you realise that making mistakes is human and that you don't have to be afraid of them. When you realise that, you are sitting deep in your life's saddle. If you then also give your feelings space, little can throw you off track. But there are always setbacks, and the danger is, that what you have changed becomes routine and then everything starts all over again. You need these moments regularly. I often call this life spring cleaning. Get rid of the old negative, take the positive with you and make room for the new. I think you are very well advised to create so few dependencies in your life. Because these make you slow and rob you of spontaneity. That's what Dependence is about. In the end, you realise that integrity is something enormously important. One of my most important values is to have integrity. And don't forget that affection is the fuel of life. Both giving and receiving. I am lucky to have people around me who give me a lot of affection and I love to give it. It does the heart so much good and is a gift. All this together leads to redemption. The decision to seek happiness and find redemption there. Even if there are setbacks again and again, or even if you carry signs on you forever from your struggles. If you search for happiness, there is at least the hope that you will eventually arrive and become one with yourself.

How did your collaborations with other artists come out? Were they acquaintances from old or something new?
On the new album Journey, there is Diego Rapacchietti from the legendary Swiss band Coroner, playing the drums. And we recorded at Tommy Vetterlis, from Coroner as well, in his Newsound studio. Diego and Tommy did a great Job and brought great Ideas on the Drums. For the production, the vcocals are Recorded at erreDIelle studio in Switzerland by Vocal engineer Roberto Deluca, the mix is made by Roberto Macis at Solid Twin Studio in Italy. Finally the album has been mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestá Studio.

What makes you keep creating?
When I started doing music, 30 years ago, I soon realised that music is a universal language with which you can reach everyone in the world. To create something, that potentially can reach everyone in the world keeps me going. And to know, that I am able to unlock and transport emotions is great.

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Black Reuss – HOLE

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