Hot Sunday Blood :"Our song tells tales"

Hot Sunday Blood hails from Italy and they are going full throttle since their formation in 2013, since they are very productive, releasing albums and performing live. Their latest album, "Kein Licht" (2019, Snooky Records), still sounds amazing, as it merges the heavy rock sound with alternative rock influences.
Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης Βασιλική Ευαγγέλου-Παπαθανασίου 

Welcome. Tell us a little about yourself. How did the involvement with the art of music come about?

We are an alternative metal band from Turin, Northern Italy. We released three full-length albums during our career which started in 2013. Our music embraces a variety of styles from grunge to black metal influences. All of HSB members are long time players which met and discovered they could make something good together!

-How was the experience? Is there a moment that marked you?

Having people willing to attend a live show, to listen to our music and to know us gave us a tremendous charge and showed us hat there is some good in what we are doing!

-New album with songs. What did this experience teach you?

That the first idea evolves so much that it becomes unrecognizable in the end! Different people brings different ideas and we really enjoyed that

-What do you like most about singing?
 People? Facts that mark humanity?

Singing is the expression of the soul and it's the only way to listen to the voice inside. I don't care about people. It would be the same as making tattoos to satisfy others.

-Each of your songs is unique. You have been lucky enough to see something that you definitely want to capture on the music bar but you did not have paper with you! Does the feeling if you lose it, is lost forever or can the artist recreate similar conditions?

Think it can be recovered but it's difficult to give it the exact same shape and fee, definitely

-Do your songs create or answer questions?

Our song tells tales, and tries to make some room for the listener to identify himself. More often than not, they answer questions, but the answer may not be what you want to hear!

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