Veritas"Threads of Fatality"


Your first EP was released a while ago. What is behind this EP? Where do you think «Veritas» is?

The EP was basically a way to get our music out and get people familiar with the band while we were working on our full cd. It worked great and taught us many things about preparation and lead times before releases so we don’t end up playing catch up. Veritas is currently recording our 2nd full cd. We have been learning as we go.


How did your debut album «Threads of Fatality» go? Did the album gain you more fans?

The cd did very well for us. We partnered with Amplified Distribution to have our music available worldwide online and anywhere you can buy cds. We gained a lot of new fans even in places we didn’t expect like Australia, Africa, Brazil.


You are in the process of making a new album. When will you release it? Can you share any info like titles, musical direction, cover artwork etc. with us and our readers?

If all goes well, we are planning on releasing it probably middle of 2023. We have about half the songs written and mostly recorded. Some of the titles so far are Limit, Unchained, Buried. Musically it’s just a natural progression from our last cd. It has a variety of styles and a few songs that are heavier and faster than on the last cd. We have a concept for the artwork but nothing concrete yet.


The intelligent name of your band makes us want to get to know the protagonists in depth. Can you describe your personalities that many readers might identify with? Who are Veritas?

From my perspective, Denny is a loving family man, great singer, likes to get people to think and form their own views not change them. Geno is the fiery bassist, very passionate, about whatever he’s working on, when not playing bass, loves to build things. Mark is of course a legendary drummer, very easy to work with, plays to what the song needs, very friendly and no ego. I love to play my guitar and can spend hours working on songs. I’m usually kind of quiet and not very talkative until I get to know you then I open up. I love playing for large crowds but generally avoid them if off stage.


How difficult or easy is it to compose a song?

The main guitar riffs usually come from me just playing and I come up with something to build on. I’m always writing new songs. The solos are a bit different, I put them together piece by piece until I’m happy with the result. It can take hours to write a 30 second solo. Geno tries to balance his part between what Mark and I are playing and Denny actually writes his lyrics and melody based off the drums and bass.


Love and burn; Love or fire?

Not sure how to answer this one but knowing Denny it was probably about love


Was it an inner need to write about love?

Denny is always talking about love and religion. Treat people how you want to be treated. Be kind to your fellow man.


Do you think that people with phobias and insecurities manage to change their destiny?

It’s definitely possible. Sometime you need someone to push you and help get past your insecurities. Phobias are more difficult but I think with the right support it can be done.


Are there any real people and events that inspired your music?

Not any of the music that I’ve written so far but I can’t answer for the others.


Does fate or choices determine our lives?

I would say both. Fate gives us signs and if you pay attention and make choices based on the signs it will guide you where you need to be.


What is the most important thing you have learned so far from Veritas?

It’s a constant learning process. The guys in the band are friends and there are no egos. Very important because if everyone doesn’t get along, no amount of success will keep the band together. Also, a great team (PR, distribution, marketing) makes life a lot easier.


Where can we find/order Veritas music/merch? Thank you for the interview!

Thanks for the interview! Our cd is available worldwide anywhere that sells music, online and in stores (Amazon, Target, Tower records, Walmart, FYE, Barnes and Noble, your local record store,  etc). We have links to music and merch for several sites on our Official website.

Also check out our new lyric video for Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye-lyric video

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