PARA LIA - Gone With The Flow

PARA LIA is by no means a typical indie rock band, starting out from the band’s own name! The duet from Cottbus, Germany, decided to use a Greek word to name their band, to underline their emotional connection with Greece and its people, and to remind them of the sunny summers they have spent nearby a Greek beach (paralia) of the Aegean Sea.
PARA LIA is René Methner who handles almost everything for the band including all instruments and vocals, and his wife Cindy who performs some of the most magnificent female vocals you will find nowadays in an indie rock band.
The band has influences from artists and other bands like The Pixies, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., and on the other hand The Cure, The Mission and Arcade Fire to name but a few. But PARA LIA have an own sound and this sound is shaped by the combination of the double vocals and the guitar shapes-phrases-riffs they use, everything under a beautiful production.
“Gone with the Flow” is PARA LIA’s second album and right from the very first listen you can understand that PARA LIA has done a lot of work for this album. The songs are always guitar driven. But for PARA LIA the guitar is not a typical riff machine. It is a melodic and atmospheric instrument that produces dreamy soundscapes which float around dark pop, psych and dark rock.
“Gone with the Flow” includes 11 songs with character, 11 songs all of which have something to say and will befriend you forever, if you just take a closer listen to them. It is simply impossible to ignore the sheer passion of “My Muse”, the dark romanticism of “Fade to Grey”, or the psychedelic colors of “No Time For Butterflies”, a song that underlines the band’s connection with Neil Young and the 60’s music in general.
“Gone with the Flow” is an album with diversity and personality. It covers a huge spectrum of music taste from the psych pop-rock of the 60’s up to the alternative, indie and even gothic rock of the 80’s and 90’s. At the same time it remains fresh and up to date instead of just being nostalgic.
We highly recommend you to check out “Gone with the Flow” and support independent artists like PARA LIA who definitely have something to say! PARA LIA is currently in the studio recording and producing their 3rd album, so this is a great timing for you to listen to “Gone with the Flow” today and just expect the new PARA LIA album that will soon pop up!

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