VERITAS Threads Of Fatality

Let’s get this straight right from the beginning of this review. “Threads Of Fatality” is a very solid album aimed for fans of heavy metal (power/progressive) and hard rock (melodic rock, aor). If you like bands like Fates Warning, Queensryche and Crimson Glory, you have found a very interesting release here. In addition to that, Veritas have several references to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest when it comes to heavy metal, Metal Church when it comes to thrash metal and then Dokken when it comes to more melodic guitar driven music.
The electric guitar is the lead instrument for Veritas music. Greg Wenk is a fantastic rock music composer that builds his own songs round a central riff with added phrases, passages, extensions and additional riffs. When it comes to soloing he is always to the point and he has a great sense of melody.
Greg Wenk’s music structures are complimented by the solid rhythm section provided by the very well-known to all heavy metal fans drummer Mark Zonder who has played in several metal bands, with Fates Warning and Warlord being among them. Mark’s combination of undoubted talent and long-time experience is a kick in the ass for Veritas and takes the songwriting a step further. Accompanied by Geno Alberico on the bass, they both do a fabulous job for the Kansas metallers Veritas.
Denny “The Siren” Anthony is one of the singers/vocalists you will immediately love! His deep sensitivity in the way he expresses every word and note out is 100% real because it comes right from the heart of a sensitive person. This is reflected in the color of his vocals. So, even at his most harsh and angry parts, Denny always remains really emotional. In terms of technicality, Denny has listened to the whole palette of the great heavy/ power/ progressive metal singers that the 80’s and 90’s metal scene gave the world, and he gets his own place among them by leaving his personal stigma on each and every song he performs.
“Threads of Fatality” includes 14 songs and has given 4 singles, every one of which carries with it the Veritas trademark sound. The singles “Starlight”, “Love and Burn”, “Frail” and “Say Goodbye” have done a really great job and gotten Veritas name to a wider audience, gaining them a bigger fan base. Some songs on “Threads of Fatality” appear as well on the band’s debut release, the Veritas EP. At the moment the band is working on new material for a second album. So, it is wise to get to know them right away! “Threads of Fatality” is a really remarkable album, an album which all heavy metal and hard rock fans cannot afford to miss!

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