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“Born For Metal”? Tell us about the album
“Born For Metal” is really the culmination of my music career so far. I’ve worked really hard to find my sound and make each track as solid as possible; which is something I always strive to do. It’s been a labor of love and also a realization of some of my biggest dreams as an artist. Most significantly working with one of my heroes the great Ralf Scheepers! Who’s also featured on the song “We Were Born For Metal”! When Ralf decided to do some vocals on the track it was quite literally a dream come true for me. On top of that, he also created an absolutely killer vocal sound for me and is also mixing, mastering and engineering the album! So needless to say, I owe Ralf a lot! 

What is the track-list of the album?
The track list is: 1) Out In The Streets, 2) Cut Loose, 3) We Were Born For Metal (Featuring Ralf Scheepers), 4) Lemmy, 5) Back In Time, 6) Gone To Hell, 7) Can’t Let Go, 8) The Immortalizer, 9) I’m Gone, 10) The Fallen. 

How long did it take you to prepare?

Well, I started writing songs for the album in 2020, so it’s been two years in the making.  Being a solo artist (at the moment), I write all the material and record each instrument myself, which is quite time consuming. I’m technically doing the job of 5 people, so each song takes longer to record. I’m very fortunate to have Ralf’s help and support however which makes a huge difference. 
I’ve also taken on several music videos during that time which slowed things down as well, but I’m pleased to announce that the album will coming out very soon! 

Music, history, passion The themes of your songs. Is there a connection between them?

Definitely! My passion for Metal music is a huge theme in my songs. “We Were Born For Metal” is a great example of that. I also have more politically charged themes in songs like “Gone To Hell” and “Out In The Streets” but I also try to balance things out with songs about having fun like “Cut Loose”. The connections between them are often subtle, but I try to be as far reaching as possible with all my lyrics. 

Are you writing about something that suddenly strikes you in a conversation or by observing something? Or do your subjects preoccupy you inside until they are printed on paper?

There’s definitely a bit of both. Some songs like “We Were Born For Metal” where reflected on and worked on for a very long time before getting the final version down. But sometimes inspiration will spark from a troubling situation like with “Gone To Hell” which was written out of frustration with the state of things worldwide and the tyrants running the show in several countries around the world. I’m very fortunate to live in Canada, but I care very much about the people of the world and their struggles. Inspiration often strikes randomly as well, so I always keep a lyric folder on my phone and use the voice recorder so I can write from anywhere! 

How close is the modern youth to art and especially to metal?

That’s a good question. I definitely think it’s important because art can push the boundaries of our imagination! The internet has facilitated the exposure of artists from all over the world which is amazing, but being bombarded with content can also be overwhelming. I would personally recommend checking out artists like H.R. Giger and Salvador Dali! Both of which I greatly admire. 
I’ve started to see a huge amount of younger people getting into Metal and discovering the pioneers of Metal and becoming Metalheads, which I totally love! I’ve always believed in supporting the next generation of Metal kids! I feel it’s our duty to pass it on to them. A few months back I turned someone on to Metal because of my work with Immortalizer and it was an incredible feeling!

You already have a musical project on fire in your creations. More to come?

Absolutely! I’ve got completed songs, full demos and countless riffs that will become the foundations for the second and third albums and beyond. I continue to write new material as I go, so there’s no shortage of material, that’s for sure! I’ve already begun recording songs for the second Immortalizer album! \m/

On stage or in rehearsal? Where do you feel most yourself?

I’ve always loved to perform on stage but I also love working in the studio. I get so absorbed in my work that the world melts away for a time and I feel truly immersed in music & Metal! I adore jamming and rehearsing as well. Any opportunity to play music really. Music is all I’ve ever wanted to do! 

Thank you very much for the interesting communication!
It was my pleasure! Thanks for having me on Status Voice! \m/ Cheers!

Dave D.R.

IMMORTALIZER - Cut Loose (Official Video)

IMMORTALIZER - Gone To Hell (Official Video)

IMMORTALIZER - I’m Gone (Official Video)

IMMORTALIZER: Lemmy (Official Music Video)
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