Desert Near the End "Dawning of the son"

Dawning of the Son» is the fifth album for Desert Near The End. What new does it bring for you?

Hello! First of all I think it brings some of our best songs to this day! Also the new album find us with a new lineup because the two year quarantine hit us hard there.. So the bottom line is that our best album combined with a new line up I think it brings hope!

Where and when was the album created?

All the recordings, mixing and mastering took place in Incorporated M. studios in Athens where we also did our last one. As for the when it's a bit hard to answer that because all the production took place during the quarantines and it was very hardly to keep a schedule or even go to the studio sometimes!

How important are emotions for the creation of your music, and which emotions come from your music?

They are very important because every song begins with a very small piece of music, it might be a melody, a rhythm or even two notes chasing each other, but it has to evoke something inside you in order to become a song!

As for which emotions comes from our music I think it's on the eye or the ear of the beholder! I can answer for myself that our music, through small stories, express fears, hopes, rage and despair and also yearnings and epicness. But that's me, I really hope that our listeners share all this.

How important is it for some bands to become big stars in the metal music scene? Where do you stand?

There are a handful big stars, dozens of over ground bands and tens of thousands underground bands. All are needed and all are equally important. 

When is a music album successful and what is success in general for you?

It's quite simple I think.. you put together something true and sincere that you love and if that resonates with other people and they turn to love it too it's successful! And all these sometimes makes it easier for you to keep doing it!

How do you see modern ways of recording, promoting and distributing music compared to the old school ones?

I see them as a very good and helpful gift from technology! It has given to anyone the chance to record his music on a level unheard outside a professional studio and with just a fraction of the money that was needed. The same thing goes for communicate your music to a lot of people. Of course there is a downside to all these.. There is so much good music out there, or at least music that sounds good, that is so hard to stand out and if you do sometimes it's not because of your music.. but you can't have it all!

Which lyrics of which band do accompany you forever?

"Like a man is a mountainside

Greatness waits for those who try

None can teach you, it's all inside

Just climb"

If you have to narrow your music collection to 3 albums, which would they be and why?

That's easy "Imaginations From the Other Side", "Burnt Offerings" and "Into Glory Ride". They are my favorite albums of all time and the root behind every music that I write. 

Thank you for the interview! Close with the contacts and any future plans you have.

I thank you for the nice questions! At the moment our future plans are to complete our next album which has already started to take form!



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